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As you will see from their comments, this opportunity fills many different needs. Some people only desire a part-time business, working around family and professional obligations. Others depend on it for their sole support.

Since the potential market for card sending services is so huge and untapped, the CardSenders opportunity can fill each of these needs, while allowing you to be in charge of your own destiny.

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“Having my own Referral and Lead Generation business
System has fulfilled all of my goals…”

" When I was looking for a business to buy or start, I wanted to take control of my life so that I wasn't a slave to a job. I commuted one hour to work and left my house before my children woke up and I returned home after dark each day. It felt like I was missing the most important part of my children's lives.

I was very disillusioned with the politics in the company and industry that I worked in and wanted a way to earn a living without having to bow to office politics to get ahead.

Having my own card sending marketing business has fulfilled all of my goals. I run my office out of my home so I can be an integral part of my children's lives. I work around my family's schedule so that I can spend as much quality time as I can with them.

I am very satisfied by the challenges my work presents. I can use all of my creative, organizational and communication skills in my work. I get to meet and interact with all kinds of interesting and influential people. I do not have to deal with workplace politics anymore by choosing who I do business with.

I feel I have been pretty successful in the business. I doubled my business in my second year and doubled it again in my third year. Since then, I have been able to grow at a steady pace by maintaining my customer base and relying on new business from referrals.

I get great satisfaction from knowing that I reap all the rewards from my hard work and personal standards of quality. I do not feel any pressure from workplace politics, glass ceilings or competition.

I thank God that I chose this business because it’s fun and because I couldn't ask for better support from everyone. Their training, encouragement and help has made me and my business grow and improve year after year. I feel like part of an extended family and not like I am out there in business by myself. I have also made lasting friendships across the country with other CardSenders® licensees.

I believe that CardSenders Referral and Lead Generation business is one of the best small businesses you could get into because of its low start up costs, thorough training, easy to use software and unending support!

In short, I am very happy about the decision I made to become a CardSenderslicensee. I wouldn't trade these years for anything in the world."
Sharon & Husband – Texas
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“I didn't get a ‘hard sell’ - just a realistic expectation that over time I could build a profitable business.”
"There were a few reasons I decided to become a CardSenders licensee.

First, I wanted a business that I could start part-time and build into a full-time business over time.

Secondly, I wanted to sell a product or service that was unique to the market, and was something I really believed in.

And finally, I felt comfortable that everyone at CardSenders and the licensees I had talked to were straightforward with me as to what I should expect from the business. I didn't get a "hard sell" - just a realistic

expectation that over time I could build a profitable business.
Looking back over the past years that I've been a licensee, I can say I made the right choice, and for all the right reasons.I quickly found that I had little competition and it definitely was something I truly believed in.

My customers and prospects confirmed that I was offering a valuable service.
Rick Paddock – Wisconsin
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“I Won’t Ever Go Back to Working for Someone Else”
Susan originally purchased her CardSenders license in order to add a system for Referrals and Lead Generation system and promotional products services to her bulk mailing business.

She saw adding the service as a positive step toward reaching her goal of self employment.

Today continues to grow with her own profitable Referral and Lead Generating System. Susan likes the idea that this is a "happy" business. Her customers are happy because they follow up with their prospects and clients as they know they should, but don't have to do all the work.

Their clients are happy because they receive great service, and Susan is happy talking about the

wonderful solution and providing a service everyone needs.

Susan says being self-employed can be challenging, but it is also very rewarding. She won't ever go back to working for someone else!
Susan Lane -- Northern California
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“I wanted my own business so that I
could have flexible hours and the ability
to spend more time with my family.”
"My company is called Times Remembered. It was built on the idea that most important, but most often forgotten assets to a business are their customers and employees.

CardSenders provided the tools and training necessary for me to start such a business. Their unique system, training and support is a very valuable part of my success.

When I was looking for a new career, I wanted my own business and be able to spend time with my family. CardSenders Referral and Lead Generating System has made that possible.
I control my own hours and I am able to answer only to myself for my success or failures. Something you cannot get when you work for someone else. It is very rewarding to have your own business and be able to say, "I did it." Without the support Poore Enterprises, Inc., that would not have happened.

I recommend their training very highly for anyone who is interested in getting into CardSenders Referral and Lead Generating business."
Cathey -- Louisiana
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