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Finally, Here Is the Most Complete Set of
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To Quickly Start and Profitably Operate
Your Own Follow-up Marketing System Business!

“Total Referral and Lead Generating Follow-up ToolKit™ leaves nothing to chance!
From choosing your business name and getting a license, to all
the contacts and forms you’ll ever need, to how to attract your
first clients, make most effective sales presentations, close the
deal and provide your  services in the most profitable way.”

At CardSenders we are committed to provide you with an outstanding opportunity and the key ingredients to grow your own successful Follow-up business.

Here is a short sample of what you get:

• Home-Based Business - Start-up and overhead expenses are some of the lowest amongst legitimate business starter packages, and you'll have no expensive equipment to purchase, inventory to stock or office space to lease – you can literally turn profit in your first month in business. And while you can hire employees to work in your business it isn't required and is completely up to you.

• Customer Base - Every business in your territory is a potential client. And with our unique service and approach you can quickly penetrate several niche markets for maximum profitability.

• Diversified Product Line - Now you will be able to market follow-up solution with branded logo promotional products. You will be a member of the national promotional products industry. This will provide multiple revenue streams as your clients expand their businesses. We’ll show you how to create multiple product lines and serve as a "marketing consultant" and help your clients build lasting business relationships by providing A Referral and Lead Generation system to influence the next customer sale and increase referrals and profits.

• Full Support - Have a question? We'll answer it. Our licensees have full access to support materials and information database as well as a toll free number to ask questions and solve problems fast freeing up your time to deepen your client relationships and build your customer base.

• High Repeat Client Ratio - Established Licensees have experienced client repeat ratios as high as 90%. After your initial business-building stage, repeat clients make it easy to maintain and grown your business with little effort.

• Extensive List of Vendors - You’ll gain instant access to all the industry insiders’ information, vendors contact and discounted volume rates with many of our providers.

• Clear, Well-Organized Training Materials - Over 200 plus pages of step-by-step instructions how to start, grown and profitably operate your business. You’ll get information how to get your first clients, marketing, samples sales scripts, complete presentation binders, pricing, an entire line of business forms and checklists – it would take you years to develop all this information on your own and you’ll have instant access to it.

• Instant Sales Materials - Get a complete presentation portfolio, already prepared with a assortment of marketing program for businesses, holiday, and special occasions mailings. In addition, you’ll get templates and ideas for your brochures, agreement forms, and other forms and handouts. You can have your business up and running almost instantly.

• Database Management Software - This is one of key to our success in our Referral and Lead Generating business. You’ll be able to follow on-screen prompts and menu selections easily process large-scale date-sensitive mailings with a minimum investment of time and effort.

• 3 Days of Personalized Training - (In beautiful Reno, Naveda) You’ll get in-depth information how to operate a business in your home, how to market and sell your Follow-up Marketing System and services - finding prospects, introducing them to the Follow-up Marketing System concept for referrals and lead generating using sphere of influence, and closing the sale, how to use our computer software - hands-on training in all phases of our easy-to-learn program (which runs on any ordinary PC computer with XP or Vista operating system).


This is just a partial list of what you get with our Total Follow-up Marketing System Toolkit™. To find out all the details and see exactly everything of what’s included in our program click here to complete a short form and request your FREE, no obligation Info Kit now


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