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Here Are the 9 Straight Facts About CardSenders® Follow-up Marketing System Business Opportunity!

1. Work at Home for Good

Most home-based business fail due to lack of structure and the “wanna-be” entrepreneurs quickly find themselves back out in the workforce. Customer Care Solutions by CardSenders Total Toolkit™ offers mentoring program that teaches you the skills you’ll need to successfully set-up and operate you new business – so that you can make this your lasting business!

2. Turn Your First Profits Fast

Even though experts advise beginning business owners to have a two-year’s worth of financial reserves when starting their new venture – very few actually do. Chances are if you are going to succeed you’ll need instant income.

Most traditional businesses take one to five years to turn a profit – providing they will even survive for that long to start with. With CardSenders Follow-up Marketing System Total Toolkit™ it’s possible to turn profit your very first month. In fact, we have licensees who grossed from $5,000 to $15,000* in their first month in business. At 75% pure profit – you do the math.

(* Listen, as much as we would like to - we can't promise you specific financial results.
We have a great system but your actual income will depend on your willingness to put
in the effort to attract new clients)


3. Follow a Turn-Key, Proven System

Any dummy can make a hamburger, but it takes a system to build McDonald’s multi-billion franchise business. Conversely, any dummy can send greeting kards, but it takes a foolproof system to turn your card-sending business into a profitable cash-making machine.

We’ll put our ongoing training and support system up against any “three-day-hands-on” training's out there. Yes, we’ll give you the hands-on too, but how much information can you really absorb in three days when are you bursting with excitement and the anxiety of starting your own business is eating you alive?

With CardSenders® Follow-up Marketing System Total Toolkit™ you’ll get 12 months of hands on support – all included! You get an unparalleled in this industry access to a support community and expert advice. You get ongoing training in sales, marketing, leadership, business management, customer service – so that you can grow together with your business. Most importantly – this information is there when you need it, not when somebody wants to give it to you.

4. No Need to Purchase and Keep Inventory

Unlike most traditional businesses, we developed our unique process to eliminate the need to carry any inventory. Listen, we believe your garage is a place to park your car not to store boxes of inventory.

You’ll only purchase cards and supplies after you receive an order and a payment from your client – improving your cash flow and dramatically reducing your financial risks.

5. No Need to Hire Employees

It’s up to you how big you want to grow you business. Some CardSenders® licensees hire additional staff members that enable them to exponentially grow their revenues.

However, most licensees choose to operate their business by themselves keeping their profit margins extremely high and avoiding the headaches of having to hire (and fire) employees.

6. Low Start-Up Investment, Minimum Monthly Overhead and Fast Return on Your Money

At $6,995 your capital investment is one of the lowest in the business opportunity industry. There is no inventory to purchase and you likely already have most of the equipment you need to run the business. No expensive office space lease required. Since you can operate your business from your home, the ongoing monthly expenses are minimal – keeping your profits extremely high.

All of this combined with the possibility of turning profits within weeks of starting your business gives you one of the highest returns on your investment possible. To give you a different perspective on our business, here are a few examples of traditional businesses for sale. These are real business, taken from the listing. (Please take a moment to read our comments in RED)

On average our licensees can earn an income of approximately $65,000 in their first year in business. Their initial investment in the business is about $7,000 to $18,000 – that includes the CardSenders® Total CardSending Toolkit™ and initial business set-up and marketing expenses.

This means that our licensees can recover their initial investment in about four months! Compare that to the three years it would take you if you purchased the above business!


Again, it would take about three years to recover the initial investment. In addition - are you willing to move to Glendale, CA, to run your business? Plus, the purchase price doesn’t even include the INVENTORY, for which you’ll have to pay extra!



Ok, so maybe I’m a little lazy, but who in the right mind wants to relocate to Oro Valley, plunk down one hundred grand, and slave away running their business for a year to earn a whooping $5,000?

And meanwhile, who is supposed to pay for your living expenses? Unless you are happy with the deluxe accommodations of the local “under-the-bridge” with “custom cardboard covers” – if you get my drift!


7. Fast Growing Customer Base
Every business in your territory is a potential client! As a $47+ billion-per-year industry, our clients embody the fastest growing segment of our economy - your local entrepreneurs. With the shifting paradigm of “permission based marketing” today’s businesses have a new challenge – breaking though the advertising clutter and standing out heads and shoulders above competitors.

That’s exactly what you’ll help your clients accomplish. Our customized, personalized direct mail solution provides our clients - small to medium size retailers, professionals and service providers - with affordable and professional opportunities to market their business by building strong relationships.
8. Diversified Product Line to Explode your Profits
Some people think they can outsmart the system and start a CardSenders Follow-up Marketing business on their own. The problem is they don’t have a clear concept how the real money in this business is made!

CardSenders® Follow-up Marketing System Total Toolkit™ provides you with systematic approach to create multiple “product lines” which you can offer to the same clients – increasing your profitability and reducing your marketing expenses!

You'll will be able to create additional revenue with our new 7 strategies with products and service as your clients expand their businesses. Serve as a "marketing consultant" and help your clients broaden their reach into your communities by providing a solutions with CardSenders® Follow-up Marketing System.
9. High Repeat Client Ratio
Once your clients get started using your services they rarely leave. Just think about it – once your customers get their clients accustomed to receiving holiday and special occasion cards – why would they ever want to stop that program? In fact, establishedCardSenders® Follow-up Marketing System licensees experience client repeat ratios of over 85%.

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