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As an Owner of a CardSenders, Follow-up Marketing System for Referrals and Lead Generation.

Help Your Customers Get More
Referrals, Generate More Leads and Influence the next Sale!

The concept of operating a Marketing system is very simple
- provide local businesses and professionals with a follow-up system that systemized and automated way to Generates Referrals and new leads from prospects, clients, referral partners, employees or any other important sphere of influence business contacts.

Develop Relationships with Follow-up System teaches you how to do it profitably.

You'll own and operate your own marketing Follow-up with direct mail business. We’ll provide you with CardSenders® Follow-up system a unique sales and retention methods we developed over the last 2 decades. With our Business Success Support and Mentoring program you’ll develop your own customer base and provide them with a complete service fulfillment.

Why Customer Follow-up?

Every business and professional wants to impress their key business contacts, build long-term relationships with them and increase their loyalty. But many simply have no time or adequate staff to implement and execute an effective “stay-in-touch” follow up program. That’s where our Follow-up System come in.

We understand this need and provide a simple solution Follow-up Marketing System, sends Thank You Notes, Holiday Kards, newsletters, Invitations, Announcements on behalf of our clients yet making them look as if they were written and mailed directly by our clients.

Does it work? Think about it – when was the last time you received a written Thank You Note that you didn’t open and did not appreciate? You see, receiving a “hand-written” Thank You Notes, Holiday Kard's – be it “happy birthday wish” or “happy 4th of July” – makes everyone feel great and appreciate the gesture.

With our service we make it possible for clients to “always remember” to connect with their contacts at just the right time.

Who is using Our Follow-up Marketing System?

Virtually all businesses and service professionals in your area are your potential clients. Manufactures, retail stores, consulting and law firms, accountants, CPAs, financial professionals, dry cleaners, carpet cleaning companies, designers and graphic artists, freelancers, dentists, optometrists, orthodontists, chiropractors, massage therapists and any other health professionals, contractors and many others are all ideal prospects for our service.

Larger companies can celebrate their employees birthday and reemployment date anniversaries. Smaller business and professionals use our service to keep in touch with prospects, clients and some key vendors.

However, the key benefit of our Follow-up system is that we teach you how to identify and focus on quickly penetrating small niche markets for creating fast profits.

How much money can you make in this business?

Since at this point we don’t know you it would be a complete stupidity to promise that we can help you make an obscene amount of money overnight. However, we can tell you this - as a licensee, you'll earn an average gross margin of at least 60% or more on every dollar you bring in.

We can also tell you that many of our licensees generate an income of $40,000, $60,000 and more in their first year in business and some licensees make a high six-figure income from their Follow-up Marketing business every year.

How much you’ll make will depend on many factors we have no control over – but most importantly it will depend on your motivation, willingness to do the necessary work and follow our system

Just what exactly will be your tasks every day?

You'll secure your own customer base, and serve their greeting card needs. Here is what your work will include on regular basis:

• Promote your business and build a database of potential clients,

• Meet prospective clients and present the Follow-up System and Promotional products and services,

• Acquire customer’s contacts data and manage it using our mailing software,

• Purchase our Tools, greeting cards, Promotional Products from our pre-approved manufacturers,

Use our unique process to personalize and Mail Thank You Notes, Holiday Kards with handwritten messages and signatures, logos and design custom messages, address envelopes and performing the mailings, promotional products, executive gifts,

• Print reports, produce invoices and collect payment from customers,

• Serve your customers with answers and support through the entire process,

• Build your business on your own flexible schedule!

Is CardSenders Follow-up Marketing System

Right For You?

Thinking about becoming a CardSenders Follow-up Marketing Specialist Licensee? Here are a few criteria for success:

Computer Literate. While you don’t need to be a tech-wiz you'll manage customer data and card requests so moderate computer skills are helpful in getting started fast.

• Good People Skills. If you like to work with customers and are naturally interested in making connection with other people you will likely be successful in this business.

• Access to Investment Capital. The initial investment in Total CardSenders Follow-up Marketing System Toolkit™ and Certified Follow-up Specialist License is $6,995 (some finance options are available.) You'll also need a computer with internet access, ink jet printer and a laser color printer, scanner and potentially some additional software. (You may already have some of this equipment and software.)

• Creative Ideas and Ability to Work Independently. You'll work on your own, and enjoy a flexible work schedule. You must be self-motivated, set your own work pace and monitor your own progress without supervision.

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